Exercises that help with mindfulness and yoga

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Mindfulness and yoga are two mechanisms that help in body control, mind control and breathe control while in turn provide mind and body relaxation. Mindfulness means such activities that help to increase mental and cognitive behavior. In yoga, specific body postures are adopted and practiced for health and relaxation pervasively. There are various exercises that help in maintaining body postures (yoga) and mindfulness (mental sharpness and cognition). Let us discuss some of them:

Exercises that help in mindfulness

1- The body scan: It is the most accessible and easy exercise for beginners as it requires 5 very easy and simple steps to follow


Step 1: This exercise can be performed while lying on the back or by sitting on a comfortable chair. The body should be laid down that the back should touch the floor with palms facing upwards and feet slightly apart.

Step 2: The participant should lie flat for the whole duration of exercise. The participant according to the instructions of instructor should begin according to rhythm with experience of breathing in and out.

Step 3: The facilitator will guide you not to move during the exercise, he will also aware you about the soring and tingling body parts or parts that you feel light or heavy. He will also ask you to note the body parts that don’t feel any sensation or are hypersensitive.

Some other exercises involve:

  • Mindful seeing.
  • Mindful listening.
  • Self-compassion pause.

Exercises that help in yoga

There are some characteristic yoga exercises that will help in your yoga process like aid you in breathe control, body control and mind control. Such activities aid in strengthening the physical and mental capabilities. Here are certain exercises that help in yoga:

1- Mountain pose: This pose requires your body to be in standing position but in a relaxed manner. The feet should be in full contact with floor. The thigh muscles should be firm up with legs straightened. Shoulders should also be relaxed with straight back. Don’t forget to breathe.


2- Raised arms pose: This pose requires you to inhale and raise your arms up over your head. Remember to keep the good alignment of hands along with your body. Be sure to stay grounded on your feet and to move only your hands and arms straight in the air above your head vertically.


3- Garland pose: This exercise involves two actions standing and sitting. Move your feet apart and bend your knees by going into squat position. Toes should come out necessarily while sitting down. This position is an ease during childhood but becomes difficult when we become adults. It is good for hips to counteract the effect of too much sitting.

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Lunges, planks, staff pose, seated forward bent, head to knee pose, and happy baby pose all are yoga postures to follow.

In a nutshell, mindfulness and yoga are two mechanisms that will help to control your body physically and mentally. These exercises will assist you to build strength and will help to keep your figure sharp and fit. There are various forms of this exercises that can be adopted to the extent you want.



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