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Indoor Activities for Couples During Quarantine



So we’re stuck inside doing the right thing and flattening the curve. Good for you! Here are some great indoor activities for couples.

But I’m sure by now, you’ve binge watched every Netflix show with your bae and even discovered and created a few TikToks, even though you told yourself you never would. It’s okay, no one’s judging.

Now you’re wondering what else there is to do together. Here are a few indoor activities to try during Quarantine:

A Formal Date Night

If you haven’t already, schedule a nice date night for you and bae. Section off and decorate a part of your house to look like an upscale restaurant. You can even cook the meal together or one of you can pick up a curb-side order. Make sure you make a point to dress up to make it feel like a special night!


One of the great things about being stuck at home in our times is the ability to learn whatever skill you’d like! YouTube some easy beginner painting tutorials and set up a painting station in your house with some snacks. You and your significant other can spend positive time together learning a new skill and enjoying each other’s company.

20 Questions with a Twist

Depending on how long you’ve been a couple, you’ve probably gotten to know each other pretty well. This game will see how well you really know each other! Instead of directly asking each other 20 Questions, put the questions in a bowl and answer them the way you think YOUR PARTNER would answer. To make it more fun, keep score and the winner gets a prize or favor!

Cook Off

To spice up dinner, host your own little cook off. You and your partner each cook a three course meal and choose a key ingredient to use. Set about three hours to cook and an hour to dine and try the meals. Your partner will be eating your meal and you will eat theirs! This will bring a nice competitive edge to your normal supper routine.

Teach each other A Skill: Our Favorite of the Indoor Activities for Couples

By now, you probably know what your partner likes to do as a hobby. Let them try to teach you a skill! For example, if your partner enjoys martial arts, let them teach you a couple useful moves. If you like crochet, teach your partner a pattern or two. This may take a lot of patience, but chances are they will love that you’re showing interests in their passion and you would appreciate the same!

Whatever activities you decide to do as a couple, make sure to mix it up!

If you’re the kind of couple that usually cook together, try working out together or a creative activity. If you usually workout together, then try cooking together or a formal date night. Even during normal days, variety keeps the spark in your relationship alive. So now that you’re spending all this time together, switch things up to spice things up and keep your relationship interesting!

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